Family History


Chapter 1: The Family Name
Early use of the Stratford name in Stratford upon Avon and Water Stratford. Mention of Stratford upon Slaney in Ireland.

Chapter 2: The Stratford Family Heraldry
Entries for the name of Stratford in Burke’s General Armoury of 1884. Gerald’s detailed consideration of those entries.

Chapter 3: Three Bishops and an Archbishop
John de Stratford born c1270-1290, Archbishop of Canterbury; Robert de Stratford, brother of John, Bishop of Chichester; Ralph de Stratford, kinsman of John and Robert, Bishop of London; and, Nicholas Stratford born c1633, Bishop of Chester.

Chapter 4: The Pedigree and Who Married Whom
Gerald’s line of descent from the Head of Pedigree, John de Stratford (son of Stephen Stratford, grandson of Robert Stratford who died 1315).

Chapter 5: The Tracys, Dugdales, Throgmortons and Overburys
Brief history of the Tracy family up to the marriage of Margaret Tracy and John Stratford. How the Manor of Merevale passed into the hands of the Dugdales. John Stratford (born 1557), Mary Throgmorton and Sir Walter Raleigh’s family. William Stratford married Anne Overbury in 1665.

Chapter 6: Farmcote - the House, Manor and Chapel
Also includes lists of Stratfords who lived at Farmcote, their baptisms and burials.

Chapter 7: Interesting Letters, Wills, Notes and Bills
Miscellaneous items from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Chapter 8: The Stratfords of Bushley, Wythall, Sheffield and Overstone

Chapter 9: The Cotswold Games, the Dovers and Stratford

Two sons of Richard Stratford (born London, c 1555), Anthony and George, married sisters, Abigail and Sibella Dover.

Chapter 10: Stratfords in Warwickshire
Goes back to the time of William the Conqueror. Includes family connections with Holy Trinity Church, Stratford upon Avon

Chapter 11: The Extinct Earldom
[Part I] The family in Ireland from Robert Stratford who settled at Baltinglass Castle in 1663, to John, the First Earl of Aldborough, down to the Fourth Earl, Benjamin O’Neale Stratford.

Chapter 12: The Last Two Earls and a Claim for the Earldom
[Part II] The Fifth Earl, Mason Gerard Stratford, and the Sixth, and last, Earl, Benjamin O’Neale Stratford who died in 1876.

Chapter 13: Belan, Aldborough and Stratford House
Descriptions of Belan House and Aldborough House seats of the Stratfords in Ireland, and of Stratford House in London.